Piedmont, Italy
16 December 2019
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Hotels in Piedmont, italy - Piedmont, Hotels in Piedmont, italy
Piedmont, Italy
The name of the Piedmont region comes from the fact that it stands “at the foot of the mountains”, the imposing Alpine ranges with famous skiing resorts such as Sestriere. Its principal city Turin is a centre of baroque and has one of the most important Egyptian museums in the world. Piedmont is a large industrial centre and the wines produced on its southern hills (Barolo and Barbera) is particularly important.

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Province and Destinations

Alessandria (95m s./m.)
Alessandria The city was founded by Pope Alexander III in the year 1175 and the surrounded Communities named it Alessandria in honour of the Pope.
Gavi (215m s./m.)
Gavi Gavi is located in the center of a beautiful incomparable landscape, with green meadows, woods and watercourses, able to suggest an enjoyable landscape to visit.
Novi Ligure (197m s./m.)
Novi Ligure Novi Ligure is situated to the slopes of the Liguriaa Appenines, south of Alessandria between the Valle Scrivia, in the hilly zone of the Oltregiogo, with its winding road that cross vineyards, woods and fields.
Tortona (114m s./m.)
Tortona Industrial town located on the side of the Ligurian Appenines, Tortona is set on important line of motorway connections and it is the ideal starting point for visiting the area.
Asti (123m s./m.)
Asti Set on the leftside of Tanaro river, in the beautiful Monferrato hills, Asti is famous for its delicious wines and will tell you its millenium history by the monuments: towers, churches, 18th C. palaces and its circular center.
Biella (424m s./m.)
Biella Biella is set at the feet of the Prealps, where the Cervo and the Oropa rivers meet together. The city is divided into a lower part (Biella Piano) and an higher part (Biella Piazzo).
Cuneo (534m s./m.)
Cuneo Cuneo and its Province develope agricoltural, commercial and industrial activities. The city of Cuneo is located in a valley with the peculiar shape of a 'wedge' between river Stura and the torrent Gesso.
Limone Piemonte (1010m s./m.)
Limone Piemonte A famous winter sport centre and summer alpine resort set along the Vermignana valley, on the road that leads to France through Colle di Tenda. Limone Piemonte offers a wide choice of hotels, residences and tourist activities.
Novara (159m s./m.)
Novara Novara is locetd at 100 km from Turin and 50 km from Milan. The city and the surrounding area offer first class hotels and numerous restaurants that are the temples of cuisine and of typical tradition.
Arona (212m s./m.)
Arona Arona is the income door towards the magic world of Lake Maggiore. Situated to the extremity south of the "Verbano" is benefitted from the mild lake climate and easy to reach from Milan most important airport.
Lake Orta (293m s./m.)
Lake Orta Lake Orta, the ancient “Cusius” lies western of Lake Maggiore amid green hills. It has a wealth of history and of ancient monuments and features excellent hotels in Orta San Giulio, famous for its old square facing the isle.
Turin (239m s./m.)
Turin Turin was originally a Roman center (Augusta Taurinotum) created by Ottaviano Augusto in the year 29 b.C. and it is nowadays the main town in the Piedmont Region, located on a plain bewteen the Po and the Dora rivers.
Verbania (197m s./m.)
Verbania On the Lake Maggiore, in a glistening expanses of water surrounded by spectacular scenery of verdant hills and luxurious gardens and also mountain itineraries from which 7 lakes and the Alps can be admired.
Stresa, Lake Maggiore (200m s./m.)
Stresa, Lake Maggiore<b> Stresa and the 3 Borromeo Isles embrace a rich historical inheritance and offers a natural setting of unrivalled beauty by the marvellous palaces and famous gardens that wealthy Italian families built.
Vercelli (130m s./m.)
Vercelli Vercelli offers to visitors not only monuments, churches and art museums but also a fascinating landscape made by the parks, rivers and protected areas. The rice growing around its plane makes a unique landescape.
Varallo Sesia (450m s./m.)
Varallo Sesia Varallo is the principal place in the Sesia Valley, with commercial and industrial activities. The city of Varallo Sesia is located at the foot of the Tre Croci Mountain, and is famous for its Sanctuary of Sacro Monte.

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