Latium, Italy
09 June 2023
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Hotels in Latium, italy - Latium, Hotels in Latium, italy
Latium, Italy
Located between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Latium is an area with a variegated landscape, characterized by volcanic lakes, mountains, vineyards, and olive orchards. Rome dominates the region, separating the forested hills of the north from the southern area with its famous beach localities, including Gaeta and Sabaudia, located near the National Park of the Circeo. The immense cultural and artistic patrimony offered by Rome exists alongside that of Vatican City, the destination of many of the faithful. Besides splendid archaeological sites like Cerveteri and Tarquinia, Latium offers the opportunity to practice aquatic sports, both in the sea and in the lakes of Bolsena, Albano and Bracciano. Among the thermal towns, Fiuggi is famous.

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Province and Destinations

Frosinone (291m s./m.)
Frosinone Frosinone was once the city of the Volsci named Frusino, located in the centre of Ciociaria, a famous part of the roman countryside with many agricultural, commercial and industrial activity.
Anagni  (424m s./m.)
Anagni Anagni is situated on a tufaceous crag in Ciociaria, a land rich in historical events and traditions. Its inhabitants used to wear the "Cioce", characteristic shoes that later on gave their name to the area.
Latina (21m s./m.)
Latina Latina was built in 1932 on the dried lands of the Paludi Pontine and named Littoria. It represents an important urban example of architectural town created on an ottogonal site.
Rome (20m s./m.)
Rome The "Eternal City" finds its origin on the Palatino hill and soon became the heart of Roman civilization. Nowadays is the capital of Italy, houses the Pope’s dwelling in the Vatican and the principal institutions of the country.
As one of the most famous travel destinations, Rome offers a great variety of accommodation options, spacing from luxurious hotels to charming traditional farmhouses.
Fiumicino Airport  (3m s./m.)
Fiumicino Airport Roman seasides of Fiumicino and the nearby meeting places of the "dolce vita" are the summer resorts of the eternal city with splendid pinewood parks, sandy beaches and the international L. da Vinci Rome airport.
Ciampino Airport in Rome (20m s./m.)
Ciampino Airport in Rome From the beginning of 2003 the Airport of Rome Ciampino has highly increased the number of passengers who demand to land, these thanks to the low-cost flights and to the short vicinity of the city.
Civitavecchia  (5m s./m.)
Civitavecchia The city and the port of Civitavecchia were constructed for Traiano's will in the years 107 and 108 a.C. on the north-west coast of Rome with the main scope to equip the Capital city of other new structures on the sea.
Frascati, Roman Castles District (322m s./m.)
Frascati, Roman Castles District In the Middle Ages popes and noble families had castles built on the hills which surround Rome. Frascati is cernatinly one of the most famous towns of this area called CASTELLI ROMANI, located south-east of Rome.
Viterbo (225m s./m.)
Viterbo The ancient territory of "Tuscia Viterbese" beloved by Etruscans, and elected Papal seat in the Middle Ages. Viterbo was named by Desiderio king of "Longobardi". The city is has famous Medieval quarter.
Ronciglione, Roman Lake Distric (401m s./m.)
Ronciglione, Roman Lake Distric Ronciglione is a typical medieval village iof the Tuscia region between Rome and Viterbo where many lakes are set such as: LAKE of BRACCIANO, the small LAKES of VICO and LAKE of NEPI, the LAKE of BOLSENA.
Tarquinia  (133m s./m.)
Tarquinia Tarquinia is an ancient city which was founded in the XII century before J-C. to dominate all maritime Tuscia. The city preserves a very important Etruscan necropolis and its Tarquinese National Museum.

   Latium hotels bed breakfast village clubs inn Latium accommodation residence rentals villas apartment holidays Lazio Italy.
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